12 Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash: Boost Your Income with These Side Hustles

12 Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash: Boost Your Income with These Side Hustles


Are you looking for ways to make extra money and boost your income? Whether you want to supplement your full-time job or simply earn some additional cash in your spare time, there are numerous legitimate opportunities available. In this article, we’ll explore tried and tested 12 legit ways to make extra cash through side hustles and online ventures. From completing surveys to delivering food, these methods offer flexibility and potential for financial growth. Read on to find the ones that best suit your interests and goals.

Table of Contents:

1. Earn money online by taking surveys

  1. Find legitimate survey website
  2. Sign up and create a profile
  3. Complete surveys
  4. Earn rewards or cash

2.  Pay off your credit card debt with National Debt Relief

  1. Assess your debt
  2. Create a budget
  3. Prioritize your debts
  4. Negotiate lower interest rates
  5. Make larger payments

3.  Get paid while watching viral videos

  1. YouTube Partner Program
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Videos
  4. Social Media Influencer
  5. Content Creation Platforms

4. Stop overpaying when you shop online with Capital One Shopping

5. Earn cash by delivering with UberEats

  1. Sign up and provide information
  2. Vehicle and license requirements
  3. Set your availability
  4. Accepting orders
  5. Efficient navigation
  6. Pick up and delivery process
  7. Earnings calculation
  8. Rewards and incentives
  9. Safety and professionalism
  10. Customer support

6. Get a free stock valued between $5 to $200 with Robinhood

7.  Invest in real estate through Fundrise

8. Monetize with your creativity with Etsy

  1. Create Unique Products
  2. Set up an Etsy Shop
  3. List your products
  4. Professional Product Photography
  5. Build a Brand
  6. Marketing and Promotion
  7. Provide Excellent Customer Service
  8. Shipping and Packaging
  9. Stay Up to Date
  10. Analyze and Adapt

9. Teach or tutor online with VIPKid

10. Become a freelance writer or editor

11.  Start a profitable blog or website

12. Offer your skills and services on Fiverr

Now, let’s dive into each method and explore how you can leverage them to make extra cash.

A photo that indicates different ways to make money

1. Earn money online by taking surveys.

Discover how you can get paid for sharing your opinions by joining reputable survey platforms. Learn about popular survey websites and the potential earnings you can generate.

1. Find legitimate survey websites

  • Research reputable survey websites
  • Examples: Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Toluna, Vindale Research
  • Read reviews and check for complaints

2. Sign up and create a profile

  • Choose a survey website
  • Sign up and create a profile
  • Provide necessary information (demographics, interests, preferences)

3. Complete surveys

  • Receive survey invitations based on profile
  • Provide honest and accurate feedback
  • Answer questions on products, services, market research, etc.

4. Earn rewards or cash

  • Survey websites offer various rewards
  • Examples: cash, gift cards, redeemable points
  • Check payout methods and minimum thresholds.

2. Pay off your credit card debt with National Debt Relief: 

A photo showing credit cards

Explore a debt relief program that can help you tackle your credit card debt faster. Understand how National Debt Relief works and the benefits it offers, such as simplified payments and potentially reduced interest rates.

1. Assess your debt

  • Gather credit card statements
  • Determine total amount owed
  • List each card, outstanding balance, interest rates, and minimum payments

2. Create a budget

  • Evaluate income and expenses
  • Allocate funds for debt repayment
  • Identify areas to cut back expenses

3. Prioritize your debts

  • Choose debt avalanche or debt snowball method
  • Pay off high-interest debts first (avalanche)
  • Pay off smallest debts first (snowball)

4. Negotiate lower interest rates

  • Contact credit card companies
  • Inquire about reducing interest rates
  • Good payment history may help negotiate

5. Make larger payments

  • Pay more than minimum monthly payment
  • Reduce principal amount faster
  • Accelerate debt repayment

3. Get paid while watching viral videos: 

An image of you tube as one of the source of different ways to make money

Learn how you can earn cash by watching videos and taking surveys. Discover platforms that reward you for your time and engagement, allowing you to make money while enjoying entertaining content.

1. YouTube Partner Program:

  • Apply to become a YouTube partner.
  • Monetize your videos through ads and earn a share of the revenue.
  • Create and upload engaging content to your YouTube channel.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

  • Join affiliate programs like Amazon Associates.
  • Review or recommend products featured in viral videos.
  • Include affiliate links in your video descriptions.
  • Earn a commission when viewers make purchases through your links.

3. Sponsored Videos:

  • As your channel grows, companies may approach you for sponsored videos.
  • Negotiate a fee for promoting their brand in your content.
  • Create engaging sponsored videos featuring their products or services.

4. Social Media Influencer:

  • Build a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter.
  • Share viral videos and gain followers.
  • Collaborate with brands for sponsored content opportunities.

5. Content Creation Platforms:

  • Use platforms like BitTube or LBRY.
  • Earn cryptocurrency rewards for watching and engaging with videos.
  • Consistently interact with viral videos to accumulate rewards.

4. Stop overpaying when you shop online with Capital One Shopping:

A photo showing capital one design

Explore a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes to help you save money while shopping online. Learn how Capital One Shopping compares prices and notifies you of better deals, ensuring you never overpay again.

5. Earn cash by delivering with Uber Eats: 

Find out how you can make extra money by delivering food in your spare time. Learn about the benefits of working as an Uber Eats driver, such as flexible schedules, instant earnings, and promotional incentives.

  1. Sign up and provide information:

    • Visit Uber Eats website or app
    • Complete registration process
  2. Vehicle and license requirements:

    • Ensure reliable vehicle
    • Have a valid driver’s license
  3. Set your availability:

    • Choose preferred working hours
    • Enjoy flexible schedules
  4. Accepting orders:

    • Receive delivery requests on the app
    • Accept or decline based on preference
  5. Efficient navigation:

    • Utilize the in-app navigation feature
    • Reach restaurants and customers easily
  6. Pickup and delivery process:

    • Arrive at restaurant
    • Match order details
    • Follow customer instructions
    • Deliver promptly
  7. Earnings calculation:

    • Based on distance, time, and delivery fee
    • Tips from customers can contribute
  8. Rewards and incentives:

    • Stay updated on promotions
    • Take advantage of bonuses
  9. Safety and professionalism:

    • Adhere to traffic laws
    • Maintain a friendly attitude
  10. Customer support:

    • Contact Uber Eats support for assistance
    • Resolve issues or inquiries promptly

6. Get a free stock valued between $5 to $200 with Robinhood: 

A photo indicating stocks

Discover a commission-free platform that allows you to buy and trade stocks, options, and more. Learn how Robinhood rewards new users with a free stock upon account approval, providing an opportunity to start investing without initial costs.

7. Invest in real estate through Fundrise:

Explore the world of real estate investing and how Fundrise offers a simple and accessible way to diversify your portfolio. Learn about the benefits of crowdfunding real estate projects and the potential returns it can generate.

8. Monetize your creativity with Etsy:

Unleash your artistic talents and start a side business by selling handmade crafts, vintage items, or digital products on Etsy. Discover the steps to open your own Etsy shop and optimize your listings for maximum visibility and sales.

  1. Create Unique Products:

  • Identify your creative niche and develop unique handmade products.
  1. Set up an Etsy Shop:

  • Sign up for an Etsy account and create an appealing shop.
  1. List Your Products:

  • Create detailed listings with accurate descriptions and competitive prices.
  1. Professional Product Photography:

  • Capture high-quality product photos with good lighting and appealing backgrounds.
  1. Build a Brand:

  • Develop a cohesive brand identity with consistent visuals and branding materials.
  1. Marketing and Promotion:

  • Utilize social media and collaborations to showcase your products and expand your reach.
  1. Provide Excellent Customer Service:

  • Respond promptly and professionally to inquiries and address customer concerns.
  1. Shipping and Packaging:

  • Choose reliable shipping options and create a memorable unboxing experience.
  1. Stay Up to Date:

  • Continuously improve your skills and stay updated with trends in your creative niche.
  1. Analyze and Adapt:

  • Utilize Etsy’s analytics to track performance and make informed decisions.

9. Teach or tutor online with VIPKid: 

Explore the opportunity to teach English online to students worldwide and earn money from the comfort of your home. Learn how to become a VIPKid teacher and what qualifications are required to start teaching and earning.

10. Become a freelance writer or editor: 

If you have a way with words, discover how to turn your writing skills into a profitable freelance career. Learn how to find clients, set your rates, and establish a successful writing or editing business.

11. Start a profitable blog or website:

Explore the world of blogging and discover how to create a successful blog or website that generates income through advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or selling digital products. Learn essential strategies to attract traffic and monetize your online platform.

12. Offer your skills and services on Fiverr:

Learn how Fiverr provides a platform for freelancers to showcase their skills and offer a wide range of services to clients worldwide. Discover how you can create a compelling Fiverr profile, find clients, and maximize your earning potential.

By exploring these 12 legitimate ways to make extra cash, you can open up new opportunities to boost your income and achieve your financial goals. Whether you prefer online activities or hands-on side hustles, there’s a method that suits your interests and time availability. Start exploring these options today and take a step towards financial independence.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to make some extra cash, there are numerous legitimate ways to do so. Whether you prefer earning money online, taking surveys, delivering food, or exploring other side hustles, there are options to suit different interests and availability. By leveraging the power of the internet and embracing various platforms, you can unlock additional income streams and work towards your financial goals. Remember to always research and choose reputable opportunities that align with your skills and values. With determination and dedication, you can supplement your income and potentially achieve financial independence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Are these money-making opportunities guaranteed to generate income?

A1: While these opportunities have the potential to generate income, the actual earnings will depend on various factors such as effort, time invested, market conditions, and individual performance. It’s important to approach them as supplemental income sources rather than guaranteed solutions.

Q2: Can I engage in these side hustles while maintaining a full-time job?

A2: Yes, many of these side hustles can be done in your spare time, allowing you to maintain your full-time job. However, it’s crucial to manage your time effectively and ensure that your side gig doesn’t interfere with your primary work responsibilities.

Q3: Are these money-making methods available internationally?

A3: The availability of these opportunities may vary depending on your location. Some platforms and services may have restrictions or operate primarily in specific regions. It’s recommended to check the terms and availability of each opportunity in your respective country.

Q4: Are these methods suitable for everyone?

A4: These methods offer diverse options, and while they can be suitable for many individuals, it’s important to consider your own skills, interests, and circumstances. Some methods may require specific skills or resources, so choose the ones that align with your capabilities and preferences.

Q5: Is it necessary to invest money upfront to participate in these opportunities?

A5: The majority of the listed opportunities do not require any upfront investment to get started. However, some options may offer additional features or benefits for a fee. It’s advisable to carefully read the terms and conditions of each opportunity to understand any associated costs.

Remember to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging in any money-making opportunity. It’s essential to be aware of potential risks and scams, and to protect your personal information and financial well-being.


Transform Your Spare Time into a Stream of Passive Income

Earning money online has become a popular and practical option for those seeking financial independence in the modern digital era. Passive income strategies allow individuals to earn money while minimizing active involvement. From affiliate marketing to blogging and e-commerce, numerous opportunities exist to generate income online. This article will discuss various passive income strategies that can give you financial freedom and help you reach your financial objectives.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is revenue that necessitates little to no effort to create and uphold, originating from sources outside a customary employer. Divergent from active income, passive income can be generated autonomously, resulting in a continuous stream of residual earnings with comparatively less time and exertion.

The concept of earning passive income has become increasingly popular in recent years. To generate such an income stream, there are various activities that one can engage in without having to participate actively. You can venture into selling products online or publishing online courses, generating steady income streams without requiring constant effort. These are just a few examples of side hustles that one can explore to generate passive income.

Strategies on How to Make Money Online with Easy Passive Income

1. Affiliate Marketing

While Amazon enjoys most of the spotlight in the affiliate partnership sphere, other big names like Awin, ShareASale, and eBay also enjoy an influential presence. With the advent of Instagram and TikTok, these platforms have become a favored choice for anyone seeking to expand their following and drive product sales.

One possible approach to attracting more visitors to your blog or promoting relevant products and services is cultivating and expanding your email list. By building a database of interested subscribers, you can effectively engage and inform potential customers about your offerings while building trust and rapport with your audience. Regular email updates and outreach can strengthen your brand image, establish your authority within your niche, and drive more significant traffic and sales to your site.

2. Sell Photography Online

One way to establish a passive income stream is by offering your photography skills online. While it may be a vague choice, this area has room for growth and scalability, especially if you can reuse your images. To achieve this, partnering with renowned agencies such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, or Alamy can be beneficial.

To initiate the process, you must meet the approval criteria of the platform wherein you enroll. After that, you can avail the opportunity to license your photographic content to anyone who downloads it from the platform. As a result, every use of your photograph by a downloader would entitle you to receive compensation from the platform.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has countless opportunities that fits almost everybody, whether it’s producing informational videos or divulging your personal life. You could take a more professional route and invite experts in your field for an interview, or go for a more light-hearted approach by showing off your gameplay of technology such as video and phone applications or more traditional games like chess.

Discover a specific area of interest and create a devoted fan base to ensure you succeed in today’s online world. For starters, you could explore opportunities such as integrating Google Ads, becoming a YouTube Partner, or offering memberships, live chats, and subscriptions to your followers. You need a bit of creativity and persistence and let YouTube turn your passion into a profitable venture.

4. Sell Digital Products

The existence of digital products revolves around the concept of intangibility, as they are assets that lack physical touch. These products come in the form of downloadable or streamable files catering to various pursuits. Once you put in the effort to create the product, you can sell it multiple times via your online business, saving you both storage costs and inventory maintenance expenses.

As an entrepreneur, the scope of your digital products is limitless. There are abundant opportunities to design and sell kits, printables, files, and other professional resources that help you earn a passive income through digital assets. It’s a lucrative way of utilizing the ever-increasing online market to boost your business and connect with a broader customer base.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

The recent transition to remote work has caused a surge in online activities, leading to an increased demand for remote support. Considering this scenario, businesses are in dire need of remote assistance to accomplish their tasks. Consequently, one can capitalize on this trend by becoming a virtual assistant through platforms such as Indeed. By searching for “Remote Virtual Assistant” on the website, one can easily find a suitable job opportunity to work for a business while comfortably seated in their home office.

These options for virtual assistance may require a diverse set of skills. Writing, social media management, and traditional bookkeeping are a few examples that you can encounter.

6. Teach Online Courses

In today’s world, educators have been given various opportunities to sell their courses online hassle-free. Regardless of the niche, be it marketing, illustration, or entrepreneurship; individuals can now record their courses and start selling them without significant roadblocks.

This digital product can be sold recurrently without needing to keep any inventory, allowing for passive income generation.
To offer a comprehensive course, creating an outline outlining the scope and sequence of the material covered is imperative. After finalizing a robust plan, move forward with recording the content.

Offering downloadable resources, including checklists, worksheets, and templates, can be advantageous to users. This will enable your students to practice what they have learned from your course. This approach will equip your learners with the necessary knowledge and the tools they can apply in their work or personal lives.

Investing in Dividend Stocks for Passive Income

Investing in dividend stocks is a popular strategy for generating passive income and building wealth over the long term. Dividend stocks are shares of companies that distribute a portion of their profits to shareholders in the form of regular cash dividends. This article will explore the benefits of dividend investing, how to identify reliable dividend-paying companies, and strategies for building a diversified portfolio of dividend stocks. Additionally, it will provide insights into the concept of dividend yield, dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs), and tax considerations for dividend income. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start investing or a seasoned investor seeking to enhance your passive income stream, this article will provide valuable information to help you make informed investment decisions.

Certainly! Here are some valuable pieces of information to help you make informed investment decisions when it comes to investing in dividend stocks:

  1. Understanding the Benefits of Dividend Investing:

    • Dividend stocks can provide a regular stream of passive income, allowing you to earn money even if the stock price remains stable.
    • Dividends can be reinvested to purchase additional shares, compounding your returns over time.
    • Dividend-paying companies are often well-established and financially stable, which can provide stability to your investment portfolio.
    • Dividend stocks have historically outperformed non-dividend-paying stocks in the long run.
  2. Identifying Reliable Dividend-Paying Companies:

    • Look for companies with a consistent track record of paying dividends. A long history of dividend payments indicates financial strength and a commitment to returning profits to shareholders.
    • Consider the dividend yield, which is the annual dividend payment divided by the stock price. A higher dividend yield indicates a higher return on investment.
    • Evaluate the company’s financial health, including factors like revenue growth, profitability, and debt levels. Strong financials increase the likelihood of sustainable dividend payments.
  3. Building a Diversified Dividend Stock Portfolio:

    • Diversification is crucial to reduce risk. Invest in dividend stocks across different sectors and industries to spread out your investment and minimize the impact of any single company’s performance.
    • Consider investing in both large-cap and mid-cap companies. Large-cap companies tend to offer more stability, while mid-cap companies may have higher growth potential.
    • Pay attention to the sector’s stability and growth prospects. Some sectors, such as utilities and consumer staples, are known for their stable dividend payments, while others, like technology and healthcare, may offer higher growth potential but with potentially lower dividend yields.
  4. Understanding Dividend Yield and Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs):

    • Dividend yield is a key metric used to assess the income potential of dividend stocks. It represents the annual dividend payment as a percentage of the stock’s current price.
    • Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) allow you to automatically reinvest your dividends back into purchasing more shares of the company’s stock, compounding your returns over time. DRIPs can be an effective way to accelerate the growth of your investment.
  5. Considering Tax Implications:

    1. Dividend income is typically taxable, so it’s important to understand the tax implications in your jurisdiction. Different countries may have different tax rates and regulations regarding dividend income.

Some dividends may be qualified dividends, which are subject to lower tax rates than ordinary dividends. Consult with a tax professional to understand the tax implications of dividend investing in your specific situation.

       6. Dividend Growth Investing:

    • Dividend growth investing focuses on investing in companies that not only pay dividends but also consistently increase their dividend payments over time.
    • Companies with a history of dividend growth demonstrate their ability to generate sustainable earnings and have a shareholder-friendly approach.
    • Dividend growth can help protect against the eroding effects of inflation and provide higher income in the future.
    • 7. Dividend Payout Ratio:
      • The dividend payout ratio is a measure of the proportion of a company’s earnings that are paid out as dividends.
      • A lower payout ratio indicates that the company retains a larger portion of its earnings for reinvestment or other purposes, which may support future dividend growth.
      • It’s important to assess whether the company’s payout ratio is sustainable and allows room for future dividend increases.

        8. Dividend Aristocrats and Dividend Achievers:

        • Dividend Aristocrats are companies that have a history of consistently increasing their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.
        • Dividend Achievers are companies that have a track record of increasing their dividends for at least 10 consecutive years.
        • Investing in Dividend Aristocrats or Dividend Achievers can provide a level of confidence in the company’s ability to sustain and grow its dividends.

          9. Reinvesting Dividends vs. Taking Cash Payments:

          • Reinvesting dividends through DRIPs or manually can be an effective strategy to compound your wealth over time.
          • However, some investors may prefer taking cash payments to supplement their income or for other financial needs.
          • Consider your personal financial goals and cash flow requirements when deciding whether to reinvest dividends or take cash payments.

            10. Monitoring and Reviewing Your Dividend Portfolio:

            • Regularly monitor the performance of your dividend stocks and the companies’ financial health.
            • Keep an eye on any changes in dividend policies, such as reductions or suspensions, as they may indicate underlying issues with the company.
            • Review your dividend portfolio periodically to ensure it remains aligned with your investment goals and risk tolerance. Consider rebalancing if necessary.

              11. Seeking Professional Advice:

              • If you are new to investing or feel unsure about selecting dividend stocks, consider seeking advice from a financial advisor or investment professional.
              • They can provide personalized guidance based on your financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment objectives.

Remember, investing in stocks, including dividend stocks, carries risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, diversify your portfolio, and consider your own financial circumstances before making any investment decisions.





Everyone deserves the chance to pursue financial freedom; it should be attainable for any hard worker, with or without a traditional job. You can unlock your financial freedom and make money online by utilizing creative passive income strategies. You should also remember that success cannot happen overnight and consistency is the key. With enough dedication and hard work, anyone can make money online with easy passive income strategies.